It’s Time to Get Going

For residents, the promise of a healthy income is your reward for your years of hard work and financial investment. While it may seem difficult to think about your financial risks as you’re going through your day-to-day grind with little sleep or income, we can help you take steps now to assure your well-being.

    • LevelPremTerm-1-1

      Level Premium Term Life

      Life insurance can be the foundation of a sound financial plan. Its proceeds can help pay bills such as your student loans and credit card debts or be used to finance future needs such as a child’s education. Make sure your loved ones are protected with AAFP Level Term Life Insurance.

    • QuickStart-1-1

      Quick Start Life

      You understand the need for life insurance, but the process can be overwhelming. You may even think it’s too expensive. With AAFP Quick Start Life, you can easily receive a $250,000 policy without a medical exam – for just pennies a day.

  • ResidentDisIncome

    Resident Disability Income

    Protect your personal investment in medicine with AAFP Disability Income Insurance. Residents are eligible to apply for up to $3,500 a month in benefits — without proof of income. It’s money you can count on to help with living expenses and other financial obligations.

  • IndividalDisability-1-2

    Individual Disability Income

    No single disability income insurance plan is right for everyone. Which is why AAFP Insurance Services gives you access to the most competitive individual disability insurance carriers in the industry. We can help you find a plan that fits your specific needs and will protect your growing income.

  • Auto-1

    Auto, Homeowners, & Renters

    Chances are, if you’ve made it this far, you do a pretty good job of avoiding unnecessary risks. Which is just one reason why, as a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, you can receive exclusive savings on Liberty Mutual Auto and Home/Renters Insurance.