Guaranteed comprehensive disability coverage for you and your staff

We can help protect physicians, professionals and non-professional staff in your practice with the broadest disability income benefits in the industry, designed exclusively for each person’s specialty or sub-specialty. Coverage is guaranteed for each person in your group and can be layered on top of any individual disability plan with no offset or coordination of benefits – making it an excellent choice for supplementing individual coverage and maximizing income protection.

Offering access to comprehensive benefits is crucial to attracting and keeping quality employees. And since your practice has the flexibility of paying for the premiums, or offering coverage as a voluntary benefit, your group can be protected without putting you in the red.

Up to $20,000 a month in employer group disability benefits, plus these important features:

  • Benefits paid to age 67
  • A favorable disability definition that considers specialties and subspecialties
  • No need for medical questions or examinations
  • Retro Disability Benefits® that pays from the first day of disability
  • Rehab benefit pays an additional 10% to those willing to participate in a rehabilitation program
  • Mental/nervous/substance abuse coverage
  • 5% discount for groups with an AAFP member
  • Waiver of premium – after claim is approved
  • Return-to-work incentive