Help replace the income you’d lose, if you couldn’t work

Customized coverage helps replace your paycheck, if an accident or illness keeps you from working.

Customized Coverage to Meet Your Individual Needs
When it comes to protecting your income from disability, one size doesn’t always fit all. That’s why your AAFP member benefits give you access to customized disability income solutions. Give us some basic information, and we’ll search leading insurance plans to find the coverage that’s just right for you.

Choose the Option That Meets Your Needs and Budget
You’ll receive quotes from four leading insurance carriers, along with a detailed benefit summary. So you can make a side-by-side comparison of features – and costs. Choose the one that best meets your needs and finances.

Guaranteed Renewable … at a Guaranteed Rate
You can keep this valuable coverage until you reach age 67. Just pay your premiums on time and your policy is guaranteed renewable — even if your health changes. This protection also includes features that guarantee your premiums won’t go up, unless you increase your benefits.

Optional Features Offer Greater Value
Each insurance plan comes with valuable options that offer even greater customization. Among them are riders that increase your benefits over time … that allow you to take time off to care for a family member … even riders that pay residual benefits if you go back to work part time.

Supplement Your Employer Coverage – NEW!
Most employer group plans cover just 60% of your earnings, and those benefits are taxable. For example, if you earn $10,000 a month and a disabling accident or illness prevents you from working, you’ll collect just 60% of your pay. That’s $6,000 before taxes. At a tax rate of 35%, your monthly benefit amount will decrease to just $3,900. Is that enough to pay your bills?

Now you can supplement your employer disability coverage with an individual disability insurance plan … and increase your monthly benefits by up to $5,000. Applying is easy and this additional coverage is available to AAFP members at a 10% discount, 15% if you add a term life policy. Your affordable premium is guaranteed; your benefits are tax-free; and your coverage cannot be cancelled. Sound good? We’ll help you get the coverage you need. Click here to request more details, or call (866) 537-1039 and ask for Eric at extension 1634.

What every AAFP Member should know about AAFP Individual Disability Income Insurance

At a glance, look at key benefits of AAFP Individual Disability Income Insurance.

Every policy offers customized protection
tailored specifically to your needs

Quotes from four insurance companies
so you can make side-by-side comparisons

Tax-free cash payments
made in addition to what you collect from Social Security or any other insurance policy

Protection can’t be cancelled
as long as you pay your premiums

Affordable options
for every need and budget

No obligation
request your customized plan summary today