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7 Long-Term Wealth Considerations

Think you’ll have enough money when it comes time to retire? Today’s family physicians face unprecedented challenges to their income, including government legislation, diminishing compensation, and increasing education costs.

Making long-term financial plans may be critical to your success.  Think about where you are at, what your long and short-term goals are and what could […]

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Back to Basics: 3-Step Plan to Asset Protection

Imagine that you were no longer allowed to practice medicine. As a medical professional, you’re in a field that makes you vulnerable to lawsuits and other legal actions that could be detrimental to your career and personal wealth. Doctors make easy targets for litigation due to their presumed level of wealth and the risky […]

How Family Docs Can Maximize Their Tax Return

April 15th, 2013 may seem far away, but many Americans are already preparing to file their taxes in order to receive a speedy tax return. With your busy schedule as a physician, it’s best to get a head start too. Preparing now will allow you more time to find additional tax deductions to help […]

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Family Docs Speak: A Day in the Life

What is a typical day for you?

As a primary care physician, you’ve probably never had a “typical day” at the office. Every day is different and each patient is unique. But what is an average day like for a family physician?

There are those day-to-day activities that family doctors are all too familiar with. From […]

Plagued by Your Portfolio?: Investing Tips for Doctors

As a family physician, you manage the health of your patients, the health of your practice, and your own personal well-being  But what about your financial health? There’s a popular assumption among financial planners that doctors make lousy investors. With long work hours and little time to focus on investments, it’s no surprise that the […]