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Financial Apps to Help Manage Your Practice

For those family physicians who have a solo practice, managing your finances can feel like a chore – a chore that goes undone for months. If you are not paying attention to where your money is going and how much, you could be in big financial trouble. But thanks to the growing tech world, […]

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Physicians’ Dilemma: Conflicting Views on EHR Adoption

EHRs or electronic health records are said to help improve the quality of care for patients, but it may not improve the bottom line for some medical practices. While family docs are leading the way in EHR adoption, other medical practitioners have some reservations in employing the system. Though many studies show that EHR […]

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Family Docs Speak: Financial Protection

What about you? How do you financially protect yourself?

Wouldn’t it be nice if money grew on trees? No one would have to worry about student debt, retirement funds, a mortgage or car payments. But the reality is, money doesn’t grow on trees and as a busy medical professional, you’ll need to find ways to strategically […]

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    Going Out On Your Own: The Cost of Running a Medical Practice

Going Out On Your Own: The Cost of Running a Medical Practice

Some family physicians dream of running their own medical practice one day, but the economics of the industry have changed drastically. While being your own boss can have its perks, it can also come with a hefty price tag if you aren’t careful. The operating costs for medical practices are getting higher and higher, and physicians […]

Why More Docs are Embracing Telemedicine

With a shrinking medical professional population, telemedicine eliminates geographical borders and links quality care providers to each other and patients. Whether or not you are one of the many family physicians hesitant to adopt telemedicine, there’s no denying that it’s making its mark in the healthcare industry. According to BizTechMagazine, the use of audio and […]

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The History and Evolution of Family Medicine

Considered to be the oldest medical specialty, family medicine is a practice devoted to providing comprehensive medical care to patients of all ages and backgrounds. Coined as “general practice” in the 1900s, a majority of graduates from medical schools in America chose a career in general practice where they became skilled in childcare, maternal […]

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