Monthly Archives: June 2013

Has Tech Adoption Grown in U.S. Medical Practices?

A growing number of physicians are adopting mobile technologies to assist in their everyday practice. Family physicians in particular are turning toward technology to better connect with younger patients. From research and email to electronic health records (EHRs) and peer-to-peer interaction, doctors across the U.S. are gradually embracing the use of mobile devices within […]

Pay Disparity for Family Physicians Still a Concern

With 2014 quickly approaching, the dreaded physician shortage is becoming more of a reality as the 30 million soon-to-be insured begin shopping for health care. The expected influx of patients will put a toll on physicians’ workloads and their paychecks since most practicing family physicians aren’t sufficiently compensated for their time and effort. Fortunately, […]

Is Job Dissatisfaction Growing Among Family Physicians?

Family medicine continues to be one of the most rewarding medical professions to date, but the demands of the job can become stressful. Between increased patient loads, large amounts of administrative work and technological requirements, physician burnout is becoming all too common. But are these heavy workloads and high stress levels translating to increased […]

How Physicians Can Benefit from Social Media

Social media is ubiquitous. It’s everywhere we go and it’s increasingly becoming a part of everything we do. Just a few years ago, no one thought that the health care industry and the digital world would collide so dramatically and yet, here we are. Since the introduction of electronic health records, telemedicine and mobile […]