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    Top Tech Trends Driving Practice Efficiency and Profitability

Top Tech Trends Driving Practice Efficiency and Profitability

Family physicians play a vital role in the ever-changing healthcare environment. But as the healthcare system continues to evolve and as patients’ needs become more complex, it’s becoming more difficult for physician practices to run efficiently and remain profitable. In order for family medical practices to thrive in the healthcare industry, they will need […]

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Shedding Light on Night Driving By Gary Stern

A message from Liberty Mutual

Night driving poses some special challenges and surprises. In fact, according to the National Safety Council (NSC), night driving accounts for three times as many traffic-related deaths as driving during the day. Recognizing hazards specific to night driving can help keep you and others safe. Here are some important night […]

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Can Your Practice Compete with Walk-in Clinics?

A new era of medicine has arrived and with it, an increasing number of places where patients can seek out medical care and receive preventive treatments without the inconvenience of scheduling appointments, long waits and unreasonable business hours. Walk-in clinics or retail clinics are increasing in popularity and can be found at your local […]

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