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Down the Road: Your Life Insurance Timeline

You see life-changing events every day in your profession. From parents bringing in their newborns for a checkup to older adults discussing their long-term health care needs, you get to experience the entire spectrum of life. But have you considered the life changes you’ll experience down the road and how they’ll affect the ones […]

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Winter’s Last Blast

A message from Liberty Mutual

You may be dreaming of spring, but don’t forget the cold, hard facts: Old Man Winter still has plenty of time to deliver one last deadly blizzard or ice storm. Follow these tips if you lose power in your home or become stranded in your car.

At Home

Replenish dwindling emergency supplies, […]

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4 Ways Family Physicians Can Improve Patient Communication

As a family physician, your patients look to you for answers whenever they are sick or in pain. And with so many years of medical training behind you, diagnosing and treating your patients’ ailments has become second nature. But with so many pressures to adopt new practice technologies, stay up-to-date on the latest medical […]

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