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How to Prevent Burnout Before Your Career Starts

Burnout is all too common among physicians of all specialties, but those closest to the frontlines of care such as emergency medicine physicians, internists, and family physicians feel the effects head-on. According to Medscape, 50% of family physicians reported feeling burned out. But it’s not just veteran physicians suffering. Medical students and residents are […]

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What to Do When Moving Into a New Home

A message from Liberty Mutual Insurance

From Dennis Goebel, Vice President, Liberty Mutual Insurance


Moving into a new house is a major life change. After packing and unpacking your belongings, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Follow this checklist for common tasks every new homeowner should do.

Change the locks. The old owners have […]

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7 Ways Physicians Can Respond to Negative Patient Reviews

When was the last time you wrote an online review? Was it for a restaurant, a salon, a hardware store, etc.? Was your review positive or negative? Whatever your answer, consider the fact that your practice or place of employment could be added to the laundry list of businesses that are reviewed online by […]

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