With a vision of improving the health of all people, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Foundation’s programs include humanitarian, educational, and scientific initiatives. Along with the donations from family physicians, corporations and others, dividends received from the AAFP Foundation’s subsidiary, AAFP Insurance Services, Inc., make these initiatives possible. The 501(c)(3) organization supports more than 20 programs each year, which include the following and more.

The Family Medicine Cares International program, which has both international and domestic arms, is central to the humanitarian effort. In the impoverished country of Haiti, for example, the foundation works with orphanages and schools, treating patients, and delivering medical education. Also, non-medical volunteers help to improve school facilities and organize activities, such as soccer games and parties, for local children and youths. The Foundation also provides health products, such as medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

In the United States, the AAFP Foundation helps many people who lack health insurance. At the end of 2018, 13.7 percent of adult Americans did not have health insurance — a substantial increase from the low point in 2016 when 10.9 percent were uninsured.[i] To help minimize the number of people who fall through the cracks of the U.S. healthcare system, the Family Medicine Cares USA program offers financial support to more than 45 new and existing free clinics to purchase medical equipment and instruments.

Worldwide disaster relief is also a priority for the AAFP Foundation, which facilitates donations to relief agencies that provide on-the-ground support to people affected by natural disasters. To assist with repair and rebuilding, the Foundation offers grants to family physicians whose medical practices have experienced uninsured losses.

On the educational side, the AAFP Foundation works as part of the Family Medicine Philanthropic Consortium to offer a variety of grants that focus on learning opportunities for family physicians. In addition, it provides scholarships for residents and medical students that enable them to attend the AAFP National Conference through the Family Medicine Leads signature program. It also has established the Emerging Leader Institute that provides training for future family medicine physicians who have leadership potential. Finally, there are a variety of other medical education programs.

The AAFP Foundation offers the Family Medicine Discovers Rapid Cycle Scientific Discovery and Innovation program in collaboration with the AAFP National Research Network. It asks the question, “What works in family medicine?” Each year, two scholars receive a grant of up to $40,000 to explore patient-inspired clinical issues, build research capacity skills, and investigate how to improve family practices.

The AAFP Foundation is the parent company of AAFP Insurance Services, Inc. (AAFPINS). Solely responsible to the Academy and over 134,600 members nationwide, this organization offers solutions to help family physicians improve their financial health.

Partnering with top insurance carriers, AAFPINS offers individual, association and employer group disability insurance; term and permanent life insurance; long-term care insurance; medical professional liability; cyber liability; business owner’s and auto and homeowners’ insurance. Representing a large group, AAFPINS can tailor insurance products to the needs of family physicians and negotiate special pricing. Plus, members benefit from the depth of knowledge of AAFPINS staff who answer financial questions and help them find the best-fit insurance options.

Since AAFPINS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the foundation, any profit the organization generates flows through to the AAFP Foundation as dividends. Thus, physicians who purchase financial products from the organization are supporting programs that benefit your specialty.

To have peace of mind and reduce the financial risks inherent to life, physicians need to invest in insurance. Many feel even better about their insurance investments knowing that while doing so they are also supporting their association.

[i] Dan Witters, Gallup, U.S. Uninsured Rate Rises to Four-Year High, Jan 23, 2019.


How the AAFP Foundation Helps Improve Health

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