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Should I go independent?

If you’ve asked yourself this question, you’re not alone. Every year thousands of physicians across the nation switch from employment to self-employment or vice-versa, and unless you have a crystal ball sitting around, it’s not a decision that can be made overnight. For that reason, we’ve gathered some of the most relevant facts, stats […]

The Connected Generation: Treating Millennial Patients

Millennials are mobile-first, tech savvy and always on-the-go, which means they want their health care services to be as nimble and fast-paced as they are. This may prove challenging to physician practices and health care systems that may not have adopted certain health technologies to cater to this digital generation. In this post, we […]

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    Protecting Yourself On the Job: Disability Coverage You Shouldn’t Overlook

Protecting Yourself On the Job: Disability Coverage You Shouldn’t Overlook

You do the best you can to stay healthy. You might exercise, eat right and get enough sleep at the end of a long day; but while you may take the proper measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you could still find yourself unable to practice medicine due to an unforeseen illness or injury.

To […]

How Residents Can Better Manage Their Finances

It should come as no surprise that today’s family physicians are starting their careers in more debt than ever before. In 2008, the average debt load for medical school graduates was $155,000. As of last year, the average student debt is now $183,000, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

About 68% of […]

How to Remain HIPAA Compliant in the Digital Age

As digital, mobile and medical technologies continue to evolve, healthcare organizations and physician practices will need to quickly adapt to these changing trends while protecting patient privacy.

This has become increasingly difficult to do considering that patients are demanding more communication with their healthcare provider in the forms of email, text messaging, social media – […]

Why Young Physicians Shouldn’t Ignore Life Insurance

As a young physician, you’re in the early stages of a challenging, yet rewarding career. You no doubt have a lot of things on your mind such as where you’ll practice in the future, if you’ll venture into a solo career, and how you’re going to pay back your student loans.

One thing you may […]

Top 6 Life Insurance Myths Dispelled

Have you thought about your financial future lately? We’re not just talking about retirement planning or paying down medical school debt. We’re talking about how you’re going to handle your final expenses.

Life insurance is a major financial decision. You’re not going out to buy a cup of coffee; you’re laying the groundwork of how […]

Decision Tree: When Should You Buy Life Insurance?

We can’t predict the future. But we can do our best to plan for it. And when it comes to your financial future, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve – sooner rather than later.

Life insurance is one of those forms of protection that […]

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    Virtual Medicine: Healthcare Providers Show Increased Interest in Telehealth

Virtual Medicine: Healthcare Providers Show Increased Interest in Telehealth

Virtual reality (VR) is the future. Over the past few years, the general population has shown an increased interest in exploring the virtual world. In fact, the VR industry is growing at a rapid pace, with revenues from virtual reality products projected to increase to $5.2 billion dollars in 2018. And the number of active VR […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Family Doctors & Life Insurance

For family physicians, six-digit incomes and student loan debts are not uncommon. Which means you likely have a lot to insure. Have you considered how your family would financially survive should something happen to you? This infographic will help you understand the importance of life insurance, how much you need, when to re-evaluate your […]