It’s time for a check-up

As your life and career change, so do your insurance needs. If you’re making more money do you need to increase your disability coverage? Do you still need life insurance? We can help you re-evaluate your needs so you can protect what’s important to you.

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      Association Group Disability Income

      Protect your growing family and business obligations easily and economically with up to $12,000 a month in benefits, an own-occupation benefit that respects your training as a physician, and money-saving AAFP member rates.

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      Level Premium Term Life

      If you have loved ones who depend on your income, a mortgage to pay off, or you want to provide for a special need such as college tuition or a wedding, you probably still need life insurance. Make sure you have what you need with AAFP Level Term Life Insurance.

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      Individual Disability Income

      If your income has increased over the years it may be time to increase your disability coverage. Play it safe. With our access to the most competitive individual disability insurance carriers in the industry, we can help you tailor a plan to meet your individual needs with special own-occupation coverage and benefits up to $20,000 a month.

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      Long Term Care

      Protect your savings and assets from the escalating cost of long term care. Give yourself and your family peace of mind, knowing that there’s a plan in place if you ever need long-term care. Start planning now.

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      Auto, Homeowners and Renters

      You take care of others. Let Liberty Mutual take care of you. As a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, you can receive exclusive savings on Auto and Home/Renters Insurance.