We’ve made it easy for you to protect your family and your assets

When you compare the AAFP association group Disability Income Insurance Plan to others, you’ll find it to be an outstanding value. Your membership in the AAFP assures your eligibility and it includes key AAFP member features such as a Communicable Disease Provision, an own-occupation disability definition that can pay you benefits if you cannot return to work as a physician, and exclusive AAFP member rates that make this plan extremely affordable.

Apply today for up to $12,000 a month in long-term disability benefits and protect yourself with these important features:

  • Benefits paid to age 67
  • An own-occupation definition that respects your training as a family physician
  • Guaranteed future purchase option
  • Rehabilitation benefit pays to help you get better
  • Benefits paid during trial or part-time work
  • Communicable disease provision
  • Relapse protection with no waiting period
  • Organ donor provision

New Features

  • New! Affordable Group Rates, Level After Age 50
  • New! $12,000 a Month in Benefits, $144,000 a Year
  • Benefits Paid Directly to You — Tax-Free*
  • New! Survivorship Benefits
  • Simplified Application Process

*Benefits can be tax free if the insured pays the cost of the coverage as an individual and not through an employer