Individal Disability

Customize Your Level of Disability Income Insurance to Protect Your Individual Lifestyle

Just as there is no one cure for all your patients’ ailments, there’s no one disability income solution that fits every physician’s needs. That’s why we’ve teamed up with The Insurance Partners to provide access to comprehensive disability income protection that is as unique as you and your individual situation.

Working with five of the most competitive carriers in the industry, we know and understand their contracts and we know how to get you a customized fit that protects you, your family and your lifestyle.

Get the Peace of Mind You’re Looking for With These Important Features

  • Benefits paid to age 67
  • A true own-occupation definition that pays you benefits even if you earn money doing something else
  • Noncancelable rider – even if your health changes
  • Guaranteed renewable — with no rate increases
  • Guaranteed future purchase option
  • Recovery benefit pays to help you get better
  • Indexed cost of living benefit rider keeps up with inflation
  • Catastrophic disability benefit rider
  • Unlimited mental disorder and/or substance abuse coverage
  • Compassionate care disability benefit for loss of income while caring for a family member