Help replace the income you’d lose, if you couldn’t work

Individual disability coverage helps replace your paycheck if an accident or illness keeps you from working.

Protect the asset you rely on the most – your income

Did you know that over 12% of the American population can’t work due to a major illness or injury?1 Even more surprising is the fact that 1 in 4 of today’s 20 year-olds will become disabled before they retire.2

Protect your financial future and lifestyle with up to $20,000 in monthly benefits.3

  • Discounts of up to 20% available to AAFP members4
  • Coverage can’t be canceled or changed5 even if your income, occupation or health changes
  • Enhanced definition of disability6 allows you to collect benefits, even if you return to work in another occupation
  • Ability to add a feature that provides additional benefit payments if you become catastrophically disabled7
Just like a paycheck

It has taken you years of training, education, and commitment to become a resident. Ensure your investment won’t be lost, even in the unfortunate event of disability.

If you’re wrapping up residency in 2021 you can collect up to $20,000/month in benefits, with discounts up to 30% on the cost of the coverage.8,9

Purchase what you need now and have an opportunity to increase coverage on a regular basis with your changing needs – without answering any medical questions.

Available by simplified issue. No blood/urine exams, EKGs or APSs.10

  • Answer a few questions with your AAFP representative.
  • Complete a quick 15-minute phone interview with a Principal trained professional.
  • Find out if you’re approved within a few days.
Guaranteed renewable – at a guaranteed rate
You can keep this valuable coverage until you reach age 65 or longer with modified benefits. Just pay your premiums on time and your policy is guaranteed renewable, even if your health changes. This protection also includes features that guarantee your premiums won’t go up, unless you increase your benefits.
Make it yours
Close the gap

Most employer group plans cover just 60% of your earnings, and those benefits are taxable. For example, if you earn $10,000 a month, you’ll collect just 60% of your pay. That’s $6,000 before taxes. At a tax rate of 35%, your monthly benefit will decrease to just $3,900. Is that enough to pay your bills?

Now you can supplement your employer coverage with Individual Disability Insurance, that could increase your monthly benefits for a combined total of up to $30,000. Applying is easy and this additional coverage is available to AAFP members at a 20% discount. Your affordable premium is guaranteed, your benefits are tax-free, and your coverage cannot be canceled.

Sound good? We’ll help you get the coverage you need.

What every AAFP Member should know about AAFP Individual Disability Income Insurance
At a glance, look at key benefits of AAFP Individual Disability Income Insurance.
Customized protection
every policy is tailored specifically to your needs
Streamlined process
makes applying for coverage quick and easy
Tax-free cash payments
made in addition to what you collect from Social Security or any other insurance policy
Protection can’t be cancelled
as long as you pay your premiums
Affordable options
for every need and budget
No obligation
request your customized plan summary today

1 Cornell University – 2017 Disability Status Report, United States.
2 Social Security Administration – The Facts about Social Security’s Disability Program
3 Based on issue and participation limits. Ask your Administrator for more information.
4 Discounts include 10% Association discount (based on sex-distinct races) and 10% Mental/Nervous Substance Abuse Disorder rider discount (not available in all states).
5 Unless you stop paying the premiums.
6 At a cost you can select Regular Occupation as your definition of disability. If you are totally disabled in your current occupation and choose to return to work in another occupation, you receive full benefits payments (regardless of the income you earn).
7 The Catastrophic Disability Benefit is available at a cost. You receive these benefits when you lose the ability to perform two or more activities of daily living without assistance, such as eating, bathing, toileting, transferring, continence, or you become cognitively impaired or presumptively disabled. Catastrophic Impairment Benefit (CIB) Rider in New Hampshire.
8 Medical residents must apply for coverage in the same year that the applicant is graduating and must apply before September 30 of the same year. Issue and participation limits depend on financial underwriting using the employment contract. If no employment contract is available, use the appropriate select professional limit for the doctor’s situation and specialty. After graduation, an adjustment application or advanced Benefit Update may be available without lab tests.
9 Discounts include 20% Multi-Life Resident discount and 10% Mental/Nervous Substance Abuse Disorder rider discount (not available in all states. For more information, visit Excludes staff physicians, medical residents who graduated before 2019 and all dental residents. Based on sex-distinct rates.
10 No blood, urine, exams, EKGs or APSs required unless a significant medical condition is reported by MIB, significant medical information is obtained from the TeleApp or other available information, or any other disability coverage has been issued or applied for on a non-medical basis. Applications could be rated, ridered or declined based on all underwriting information available; this is not a guaranteed issue program. Urine/HIV test is required in Maine. Subject to Issue & Participation limits and minimum premium requirement. In California, there are no labs required for Simplified Single-Life cases up to $6,000/month, but an APS and financial documentation are required. Financial documentation is required if applying for more than $6,000/month in individual Disability Income insurance from Principal or if the coverage applied for is over $10,000/month when combined with existing coverage (excluding group long-term disability) – this applies for new applications and adjustments. Financial documentation is required for the following occupations (regardless of benefit amount being applied for): real estate agent/broker, mortgage loan originator/broker, residential construction, real estate developer, attorney specializing in real estate and residential construction.