Keep your practice up and running … with the help of monthly cash benefits

In addition to being a physician, you are also an employer, a provider, a business owner and a profit center. Your ability to generate income with your skills and your practice represents a commitment to yourself, your employees, and your family. Most of all, it represents an investment in your future. If you become totally disabled, you run the risk of not only losing your own income, but of also having to close your practice and lay off your staff. 
Get up to $15,000 a month to cover office expenses such as:

  • Charges for electricity, telephone, heat, water, and laundry
  • Employees’ salaries or wages
  • Cost of maintaining equipment
  • Payments for leased equipment and furniture
  • Car allowances (as related to the practice)
  • Interest on existing business loans incurred prior to disability
  • Business insurance premiums
  • Payroll taxes
  • Rent or mortgage interest payments
  • Real estate taxes