Get lifelong protection plus guaranteed cash value.

Control your financial future while mitigating risk.

Life insurance is often viewed as an insurance product designed for working years, it has many other uses. Permanent life insurance is a very secure and efficient way to protect income streams, create tax diversification with cash value, provide estate liquidity, transfer wealth, provide some long-term care financing benefits and generate additional retirement planning flexibility. Make sure you consider owning life insurance as a retirement planning asset.
Cash Value Growth … and Access
The cash value of a permanent life policy increases annually — without market risk. And if accessed properly, withdrawals are available on a tax-free basis. If you withdraw cash accumulations your repayment options may be more flexible than those offered through a 401(k) or home equity loan.
Lifetime Protection and Guaranteed Premium
Permanent life insurance plans offer the security of lifelong protection. Some insurance plans terminate at the end of a specific term. Permanent life insurance plans don’t expire. As long as premiums are paid, they can continue for life.
Plus, permanent life insurance offers something you won’t find in other life insurance plans – a rate that’s guaranteed for life. The rate you start with is the one you keep. It will never increase, no matter how long you are insured.
More Details
See how permanent life insurance can fit into your financial plan. Get more comprehensive information from two brochures:
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The facts you need to decide if this valuable protection makes sense for you, along with a detailed coverage example.
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What AAFP Members should know about Permanent Life Insurance
At a glance, look at the key benefits of a permanent life policy.
Guaranteed level premiums
Level death benefits to age 100
Cash value accumulations
Living benefits
Portable protection
Estate and retirement
planning options

Learn how you can use permanent life insurance to help protect your family and help meet your financial goals.

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