Help protect your family’s future in only 10 minutes

No physical, no tests, just valuable coverage that will be there when they need it the most.

We value your time, and your loved ones
The demands of a career in medicine and a growing family often leave you with little time to take care of other things, and that includes getting life insurance. We understand, which is why we worked with New York Life to find a way for members to apply for quality life insurance and get approved quickly — often on the spot.
The protection they need at the rates you deserve
You’ll be saving much more than just time. We’ll provide up to $500,000 in coverage at affordable rates — no more than a few pennies a day. You can choose just the amount you need to supplement an existing plan or to be your main source of protection.
We’ll keep up with the changes
This coverage is yours to keep even if you decide to change jobs throughout your career. Meanwhile, your health could change over the years as well, yet we’ll maintain the same affordable premiums as promised.
Your plan, your terms
You can customize your plan in 5-year terms, with as many as you need until you turn 60. Plus, you can add dependent coverage, accident protection and a special feature that waives your premium should you become disabled and unable to work.

What every AAFP Member should know about AAFP Term Life Insurance
At a glance, look at the key benefits of AAFP Guaranteed-Level-Premium Association Group Term Life Insurance Plan.
Guaranteed rates
locked-in for 10 or 20 years
Benefits will never decrease
due to your attained age or poor health
“Living benefits”
you can access half your benefit amount, if diagnosed with a terminal illness*
Coverage for the entire family**
you, your spouse, and your children †
Your protection is portable
you can take it with you if you change jobs
No exclusions
benefits are paid for any cause of death, anytime, anywhere

* Please note that receipt of Accelerated Death Benefit (Living Benefit) proceeds may have tax consequences and affect your eligibility for some assistance programs. You may wish to contact the appropriate social services agency or your tax advisor before applying for these funds. Premiums continue to be payable but the benefit amount is decreased by one-half. This feature is not available to residents of MA.
** Spouse coverage is subject to the same policy provisions applicable to members including age-based eligibility and renewability, limitations, exclusions and termination. Your spouse’s insurance will be issued as part of your certificate. Unless indicated, the AAFP member is the primary beneficiary. Coverage can remain in force even if you terminate your AAFP membership, die, legally separate, divorce or remarry. If you and your spouse are both AAFP members, please decide whether you want coverage under one joint Certificate of Insurance or separate Certificates.
† Children already insured under the AAFP Traditional (G7200) or Guaranteed-Level-Premium Term Life Insurance plans are not eligible. The insured parent is the beneficiary.