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    The Vital Role of Permanent Life Insurance in a Sound Financial Plan

The Vital Role of Permanent Life Insurance in a Sound Financial Plan

The most important aspect of a life insurance policy is that it’s in force on the day you die. Owning a permanent policy ensures that happens. Given that it’s called permanent “life insurance” it’s not surprising that most people think it’s a one-trick pony. It can, however, play multiple roles in your financial portfolio.

So […]

2017 Financial Plan Blown? Get Back on Financial Track

Despite all your efforts, the financial plan you made for 2017 seems to be going off course.

Perhaps your household income decreased because you changed jobs or you received a smaller bonus than you expected. Maybe expenses have exceeded your budget due to unexpected emergencies or you’ve found yourself indulging in luxuries more frequently than […]

The Secret to Retirement for Physicians

What would you like to be doing if you weren’t practicing medicine?

More and more family physicians are planning ahead so they can either afford an early retirement or—as in most cases—switch to another career.

This tendency is credited mainly to feelings of burn out, lower morale and overwhelming paperwork, as shown in The Physicians Foundation […]

The Benefits of Hiring a CPA

Your finances are important to you. But you may not have enough time to go through piles of paper work and receipts to know where you could be losing or making money. As a family physician, your busy schedule could use a helping hand. CPAs or certified public accountants play an integral part in […]

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