How to Manage Your Financial Advisor


According to a recent Harris Poll, more people are turning to Financial Advisors for professional advice. This was attributed, in part, to the pandemic, which created financial challenges for many people. If you already have a Financial Advisor, or plan to enlist one, you will want to consider the best way to manage them.

First, […]

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Socially Responsible Investing — Profiting with Purpose

Investing a portion of your income to increase your earnings is a vital aspect of any financial plan. For many thoughtful investors, however, their analysis doesn’t stop at performance, or even emphasize the traditional distinctions between small and large-cap funds and the associated risk.

For these investors, there are additional considerations that rank as high […]

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How Millennials are reshaping the life insurance market

1. Covid Isn’t Done Changing the Life Insurance Industry Just Yet
2. Study Finds COVID-19 Spurs Greater Interest in Life Insurance
3. How Millennials Are Changing the Life Insurance Game
4. Advisors Still Matter to Life Insurance Customers
5. Study Finds COVID-19 Spurs Greater Interest in Life Insurance

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How to Avoid 3 Common Financial Mistakes that Doctors Make

As a doctor, you likely earn an above average income. However, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee a financially sound future. To protect yourself from making mistakes that could jeopardize your financial health, check this list of missteps your colleagues tend to take and correct course as necessary.

1. Not Saving When Young
It’s easy to understand why […]

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    How Likely are You to Become Disabled and how Much Would it Cost?

How Likely are You to Become Disabled and how Much Would it Cost?

“Never say ‘That won’t happen to me.’ Life has a way of proving us wrong.”

What are the chances you will become disabled?

Whatever your answer to that question, you’ll probably err on the side of optimism. After all, that’s human nature. People are likely to underestimate the odds of something bad happening to them. […]

Infographic: Facts of Life … and a Handy Needs Worksheet

Life insurance is one of the safest, most reliable ways to help protect the people you love.  Now you can get the facts you need to understand your options — at a glance.  Take a look at our infographic.  See what type of life insurance is best for you … and how you compare […]

Disability Insurance Myths that Lead to Financial Mistakes

Every day, myths about disability insurance put physicians at risk financially, deterring them from purchasing coverage. If they are uninsured and fall victim to illness or injury, the lives they’ve built may be in jeopardy — their homes, their children’s education, their retirement and more.

Do you buy into any of these myths? If so, […]

Common Money Mistakes in Your 30s

When today’s physicians enter the workplace, they come armed with a medical degree, a completed residency … and an average of $183,000 in student debt.1

After years of sacrifice and hard work, the arrival of your first paycheck as a physician is a defining moment that could shape your personal finances for years to come.  […]

Before You Buy Disability Income Insurance

Family Physicians spend day in and out diagnosing others. Ironically, they are often reluctant to acknowledge when they are ill themselves.

Whether they’re experiencing flu-like symptoms or something more serious, it seems that doctors place their health at a distant second to their medical responsibility. Sound like someone you know?

Remember, it’s OK to take a […]

Insurance at Different Life Stages

The decisions you make at every stage of your life shape your need for protection.  That need starts early and changes with you.  The following guidelines can help you protect what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Your 20s and 30’s.

A long career ahead.
The rule of thumb is that you should set aside 2% of […]