The Family Physician’s Prescription for Financial Health

You know the importance of helping your patients enjoy optimal health. But what about you? Specifically, what are you doing to help ensure your financial health?

Debt management, tax planning, estate planning, children’s college fund, retirement planning, and the legacy you want to pass along to your family—these are just a few of the areas […]

9 Smart Tax Strategies for Keeping More of Your Money

When it comes to building wealth and preparing for retirement, there are many strategies for saving and investing. One aspect that physicians often do not fully utilize is saving through smart tax strategies. Specifically, you should have a tax strategy that takes advantage of legally allowable tax deductions to retain as much of your […]

How Family Docs Can Maximize Their Tax Return

April 15th, 2013 may seem far away, but many Americans are already preparing to file their taxes in order to receive a speedy tax return. With your busy schedule as a physician, it’s best to get a head start too. Preparing now will allow you more time to find additional tax deductions to help […]

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“Children Can Reduce Your Taxes” by John Ingrisano

Yes, children are expensive. According to the most recent government statistics, it takes $235,000 to raise one child from birth to age 18. (And that doesn’t include college.)  However, our tax laws make it possible to take sizable tax deductions and credits. So, as a parent, part of your money-management strategy should be to capitalize on […]

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