Life Insurance

Have Student Loans? Why You Need Life Insurance

Like other newly minted physicians, you are likely facing a mountain of debt.

The median debt incurred for medical education is $180,000.[i] And that’s not all. The median figure for pre-medical education debt is $25,000. Plus, on average, post-grads have $4,000 in credit card bills and $12,000 in residency/relocation loans.[ii]

That’s a total of $221,000 of […]

Insurance at Different Life Stages

The decisions you make at every stage of your life shape your need for protection.  That need starts early and changes with you.  The following guidelines can help you protect what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Your 20s and 30’s.

A long career ahead.
The rule of thumb is that you should set aside 2% of […]

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    5 Ways Family Physicians Can Improve Their Financial Security

5 Ways Family Physicians Can Improve Their Financial Security

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

While this may remind you of your high school guidance counselor, our real intention is to remind you that there has never been a better time to answer this question, especially with a shift in the economy and a tug-of-war in health legislation.

Fortunately, we’ve done our homework […]

[Video] Do you have all the Life Insurance you need?

Checked your life insurance lately? It may fall short.

Watch this short video for a list of things to consider, when deciding if the coverage you have is enough.

Be sure to share this video with your colleagues about the facts behind life insurance and how the AAFP Insurance Program can help protect you and […]

Why Young Physicians Shouldn’t Ignore Life Insurance

As a young physician, you’re in the early stages of a challenging, yet rewarding career. You no doubt have a lot of things on your mind such as where you’ll practice in the future, if you’ll venture into a solo career, and how you’re going to pay back your student loans.

One thing you may […]

Top 6 Life Insurance Myths Dispelled

Have you thought about your financial future lately? We’re not just talking about retirement planning or paying down medical school debt. We’re talking about how you’re going to handle your final expenses.

Life insurance is a major financial decision. You’re not going out to buy a cup of coffee; you’re laying the groundwork of how […]

Decision Tree: When Should You Buy Life Insurance?

We can’t predict the future. But we can do our best to plan for it. And when it comes to your financial future, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve – sooner rather than later.

Life insurance is one of those forms of protection that […]

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    What Family Physicians Should Consider Before Buying Life Insurance

What Family Physicians Should Consider Before Buying Life Insurance

As a family physician, you face a lot of uncertainties in your career. And while you have learned how to handle the unexpected in your field from your many years of medical training, you may not be prepared for all of the curveballs life throws at you.

Life insurance is one of the best ways […]