Affordable Technologies for Family Physicians

It wasn’t even 100 years ago that people were considered lucky if they reached 60. Nowadays many folks actually start living at that age.

Go modern medicine!

Modern medicine wouldn’t be so without technology: from 7-figure robots performing surgery to free mobile apps, today’s hospitals, family physicians and other specialists have the ability to be faster, […]

How to Remain HIPAA Compliant in the Digital Age

As digital, mobile and medical technologies continue to evolve, healthcare organizations and physician practices will need to quickly adapt to these changing trends while protecting patient privacy.

This has become increasingly difficult to do considering that patients are demanding more communication with their healthcare provider in the forms of email, text messaging, social media – […]

How to Prevent a Security Breach in Your Practice

With electronic health records (EHRs) becoming the norm for documenting a patient’s health history, security breaches in medical practices are occurring more frequently. Not only do these breaches threaten to expose sensitive data about your patients, it also threatens the credibility and safety of your practice. With the increase in computer system hacking and […]

Has Tech Adoption Grown in U.S. Medical Practices?

A growing number of physicians are adopting mobile technologies to assist in their everyday practice. Family physicians in particular are turning toward technology to better connect with younger patients. From research and email to electronic health records (EHRs) and peer-to-peer interaction, doctors across the U.S. are gradually embracing the use of mobile devices within […]

Financial Apps to Help Manage Your Practice

For those family physicians who have a solo practice, managing your finances can feel like a chore – a chore that goes undone for months. If you are not paying attention to where your money is going and how much, you could be in big financial trouble. But thanks to the growing tech world, […]

The Pros and Cons of Venturing into the Mobile Space

With the release of the iPhone 5, the world is in a frenzy with the latest smartphone technology and how it can make our lives easier to manage. For medical professionals, mobile technology plays an important role for the future of the healthcare industry and utilizing it properly could prove beneficial in the long […]